The following surnames are registered in Mille Lacs County, Minnesota. Please contact the linked individuals for information.

Last Update: July 1, 2012



ALECK - I am looking for information about Carol Mae (Mueller) ALECK, wife of Acie "Ace" ALECK.  Ace died July 13, 2001.  Ace is my birth father.  Carol Mae's mother is Mabel MUELLER.  I would also like to find out more about Joseph, Teresa, Yvonne, Charlotte and Ann ALECK.  I know that Teresa ALECK is married to Ron Henderson and Yvonne is married to Bill Lode.  Teresa and Yvonne would be my half sisters, I think.  Acie and my birth mother were never married.  Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  Terry Hacker  07-21-2005.

ANDERSON / FRID - My great grandmother and grandfather name was August P. ANDERSON and Bothilda MORENTSON came from Sweden to the USA on March 1892.  My grandmother name was Bertha Christine FRID born on September 2, 1902 in Milaca, Minn in Mille Lacs County.  She was sisters of Edith, Ethel, Olga, and her brothers of Carl, Hlmer, Andrew, and Adolph FRID.  Please keep in touch if any questions about relatives.  Thank you and God bless you.  satterleevirgin@webtv.net 01-30-2002.

ANDERSON - Anderson, Frank E.   Listed in the 1920 census as living in Milaca, with his wife Augusta and daughters, Hazel and Hilma.  Frank was 53, Augusta was 50, Hazel, 11, and Hilma, 17....My great-grandmother had a brother Frank.  Her name was Selma, and lived in Red Oak Iowa when they first came to America from Sweden.  They immigrated in 1872, Selma was 2, and Frank was older.  I am not sure of his birth year.  Any information about this Anderson family may be helpful in determining if this is our Uncle Frank. .Kathy Vale 06-26-2002.

ARVIDSON - My grandfather - Michael Robert ARVIDSON was born in Hayland township in Mille Lacs County on June 27, 1940, and he died in Palm Coast Florida in 2002.  flotohio@yahoo.com 05-03-2004.

BAUMGARTNER - Would like information on John G. BAUMGARTNER and his wife Mary Elizabeth DORPINGHAUS and their children.  John was born June 24, 1891.  Mary Elizabeth was born Aug 14, 1888 in Murray, County.  They lived in Murray County before moving to the Mille Lacs County.  Their children are: Clarence--born 1914, married Bernadine Greving; Mary--born 1916, married James Lero; Raymond--born 1918, married Marion Weisz; Marcella--born 1920, married Peter Nokk; Bernard--born 1922; Roderick--born 1924, died 1926; Anthony--born 1926, married Helen Weisz; Anna Margaret, married Melvin Swedin; James--born 1930,  married Janice Rowe.  John died on Mar 17, 1956.   Mary Elizabeth died on Dec 5, 1982. They are buried in St. Louis Catholic Cemetery, Foreston, MN.  I would like to correspond with members of this family, and will share information.  Mary Elizabeth is my husband's aunt.  Thanks, Dorothy Wagner 01-03-2001.

BEMIS - My gr grandmother and grandfather Frank and Catherine BEMIS lived in Mille Lacs County during the 1870s.  I am looking for any information.  Bonnie Nixon 05-26-2008.

BERG - I am looking for information on my Great Uncle and Aunt, Martin C. and Alma M. Berg.  I already have their vitals.  I know they shared a plot of land with my Grandfather Ove C. Berg.  I would like to know where the land was on the County Map (a am pretty sure it was somewhere in Daily TWP).  If it is possible, would you send me the coordinates of both farms.  I wuld also like to know if they are buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Milaca.  Thank you for your help in this matter.  Joel S. Berg 07-01-2012.

BETLACH - George BETLACH (my uncle) lived in Onamia for over 50 years.  He and his wife Marie were business owners there first owning the West Shore Resort in the 194-1950s and Betlach's Korner (1950-1970s) a restaurant and gas station where the VFW now stands.  I have a chart of my Betlach family ancestors on this Web pagePatty Betlach Russell 05-22-2005.

BISKEY - William BISKEY died May 10, 1968 Mille Lacs Co., buried in Oak Knoll, Princeton, MN.  Believed to be a resident of Onamia.  Selma BISKEY died October 15, 1959 Mille Lacs County, buried in Oak Knoll, Princeton, MN.  Belived to be a resident of Onamia.  I am looking for any information.  nkj@spacestar.net  01-02-10.

BLAINE - Looking for Effie BLAINE b. May 21, 1881 in Princeton in 1882.  Father is Hannibal BLAINE, mother is Annie BROWN.  I would like documentation of birth.  Sharon Sims 04-20-2003.

BYGDEN - Gustav Adolf BYGDEN was born 24 June, 1859 in Yttersfors, Vasterbotten, Sweden. Migrated to US in 1892. He homesteaded in South Dakota and died in Milaca, Mille Lacs, MN on 10 Oct 1938. Would appreciate obituary, land records, cemetery or any other records. Gustav was my grandfather's brother. Gustav's son Nels Elmer BYGDEN b 14 Aug 1889 in Byske, Vasterbotten, Sweden served in WWI, never married, helped his father on the farm and had a cabin on the lake. Any information would be appreciated. Virginia Bygden Fox 07-18-2000.

CAMERON - I have just learned that my GGGrandfather John J. CAMERON lived in Mille Lacs County Greenbush twp. in 1870. He lived there with his new wife Permelia (LYONS) CAMERON and her sister (I think). Also in the household was a family friend Amos HOYT. I believe that John J. CAMERON and Permelia LYONS must of been married in Greenbush about 1869 or 1870. Are there any records from that time? Any advice on how to persue information would be appreciated. Thank you, Dean Cameron 07-28-2000.

CARSON - I am looking for information for the following:  James CARSON, Carl James CARSON, Anna Roe CARSON, Arnold Robert CARSON, Hortense Bradshaw CARSON, George BRADSHAW, Signe Hagen BRADSHAW.  These people lived in Milaca, Braham and Bock.  Any help would be so much appreciated.  Thank you in advance!  Niki Taysom 08-28-2001.

CHRISTENSEN - I am trying to get information on a Hannah CHRISTENSEN in Foreston (Christensen could be her married name?).  She was born in Denmark October 30, 1853. Jan 11-02-2006.

CHURCH - I am researching my great grandparents, Lavius (LF) and Isabelle CHURCH who lived in the Onamia - Wahkon area in the 1915 - 1930's.  Children include Ray, Fred, Erwin, Howard, Ernest, Lottie, Mabel and Gladys.  Many of their children married and remained in the area.  I'd like to hear from anyone related to this family.  Carol (Church) Lindberg 02-11-2001.

CORDELL - I am researching the CORDELL family from Iowa.  According to 1850 Census Albert CORDELL was born appx 1841 in Ohio, and was living in Buchanan County, Iowa with his parents and siblings.  Albert CORDELL was my gg grandfather, and a Civil War vet (Union).  I found a 1883 list of pensioners on the roll for Mille Lacs County, MN and he is listed, his address is Princeton, his injury was to the abdomen.  I know that he married Julia (2nd wife) and lived in South Dakota according to the 1880 Census. She was around 20 years his junior.  I believe he died around 1890-91 as Julia filed for his pension benefits as "widow" in 1891, she was living in Arkansas at the time.  The Buchanan County (Iowa) history shows him living in MN and this is the first sign I've had.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  I don't know if he had any children with Julia as the family lost track of him after his first wife remarried and stayed in Iowa.  Judi (Cordell/Winn) Stegemoller  04-17-2002.

COTTET - I'm looking for information on the family of Donald Albert COTTET.  He died in Onamia, MN on July 4, 1999.  I am wondering if there was an obit in the local paper.  Gardner  08-19-2001.

COVEL - Looking for info on William Marvin COVEL b. 2/16/1905 in MN, died 1/27/1988 in Mille Lacs County; also  Martin Sidney COVEL b. 8/7/1878 in MN, died 2/10/1958 in Mille Lacs County. Jim Covel  12-30-2002.

CRAVENS – I am looking for the dates of death for William J CRAVENS and wife Lucinda McFADDEN CRAVENS of Princeton, Mille Lacs.  They came from Pennsylvania sometime before 1867 and settled Princeton.  The following children were born in Princeton:

Sidney A Cravens      Jan 1867

Earl B Cravens           07 May 1868

Oren J Cravens         Dec 1870

Fay Cravens               20 Nov 1872

Tennie Cravens          01 Dec 1875

Clifton Cravens          02 Sep 1878

Carleton Cravens       Jul 1883

Lucinda McFADDEN is widowed in the 1900 US Census, and this is the last we know of her whereabouts.  William J CRAVENS died sometime between the Jul 1883 birth of youngest child Carleton and June, 1900.  I have looked through the Minnesota Death Certificate index and the 1900-1907 Mille Lacs County death index cards, but to no avail.  C. Cravens 02-18-06.

CROCKETT - I am looking for any information on John Henry CROCKETT and Elizabeth (Lizzie) MAGUIRE and any descendants they may have had.  I have notes that they were married in Princeton, MN 16 April 1882.  Both were born in Piscataquis County, Maine - John Henry, son of Americus CROCKETT and Sylvia BALLOU, b. 5 Jan. 1855 and Lizzie MAGUIRE b. 1859.  Roland VanDyne 06-30-2001.

DALE - My parents were living in Princeton, Mille Lacs Co., MN when I was born. They owned and operated a small cafe. They already had 3 young daughters. I was wondering if anyone would remember the DALE family. We lived there from about 1947 until late 1950 or early 1951. I have 2 post card pictures my mother had mailed back to her family in Missouri. I would share those pictures if anyone is interested. Debbie Dale Hatterman 10-20-2000.

DANIELSON - My mother, Lillian DANIELSON (no middle name) was born in Milaca, Mille Lacs Co., MN February 3, 1904.  Her parents were Charles DANIELSON and Ellen "Elna" LARSON.  My mom's dad died February 2, 1908 just before her 4th birthday of heart problems.  He was born in Sweden May 1, 1863 and came to America in 1883.  Her mom was born November 23, 1867 in Sweden and came to America in 1889.  She died in Parkview Hospital in Minneapolis January 3, 1958.  Her cause of death was also heart problems.  Both are buried at Chase Brook Cemetery in Mille Lacs Co., MN.  Other children of Charles & Elna were Esther, Ellen, Carl, Edith, Emil Gust, Edwin, Mary, and Alvilda.  I have information on each of these families if anyone is interested.  And I would be interested if you have anything you can share.  You may contact at doris_baldwin@msn.com 04-28-2005.

EDSTROM - I am looking for information on my grandmother mothers' brother (FMM brother). Olof Axel Edström born 7 mars 1841 in Sunnansjö Fjällsjö, parish Sweden.  Olof Axel Edström left Gothenburg 23 Julie 1869 and had a ticket to Chicago. He was unmarried and 24 years old and he went alone.  The first Steamship Albion goes from Gothenburg to Hull in England and there he takes a train to Liverpool and a new ship to New York. Olof Axel Edstrom had one ship partner Anders Daniel Sundqvist born 22 January 1845 in Sunnansjö Fjällsjö parish, Sweden. I found him in the death book he died 6 Julie 1870 in Memphis (Fjällsjö C:4) . I don’t know what he died of?

When I was in Gothenburg in the County records office and looked in the passengers list I find more people from same area (Västernorrlands län). The names of these people were Erika Westerlund, maid 21 years old and born in Helgum parish, Sweden and Anna B Olofsdotter, maid 24 years old born in Helgum parish, Sweden. These two girls had tickets to Chicago.  The number of passengers:

1725 O.A Edstrom, labourer. Fjällsjö parish.
1726 A.D Sundqvist, labourer. Fjällsjö parish.
1727 Erika Westerlund maid Helgum parish.
1735 Anna B Olofsdotter maid Helgum parish.

I checked a listing of death certificates posted by the Minnesota Historical Society.  The listing spans the years 1908 to 1955. One Olof Axel Edstroms was on that list: Olof A. Edstrom - died February 18, 1920 in Mille Lacs County, Minnesota .  It’s the same as the 1920 federal census or the death book of Mille Lacs county, Minnesota and can see if that Olof A. Edstrom - died February 18, 1920 are the same person I seek.  Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.  Agne Varberg 08-05-2002.

ELDER - I'm looking for any information on Charles ELDER.  I know he lived in Princeton, MN in 1907.  His mother was Lavinia GOULD and his father was Simon ELDER.  I believe he was born in 1850 in Maine.  In the 1880 census, Charles ELDER working on a farm in Baldwin, Sherburne, Minnesota.  The obituary of Lavinia Ballou (her second husband was B. K. Ballou) lists that her son Chas. ELDER came from Princeton.  Any help would be appreciated.  Kelvin Wursten 02-23-2007.

ELLISON - I'm looking for information on Peter Martin ELLISON, born in 1879 at Foreston, MN.  He lived there until he married Alma FUNDEN of Rosseau, MN in 1904.  They farmed for seven years near Rugby, ND before moving to Canada.  Peter was born to William ELLISON and Mary OLSON although William was not Peter's biological father.  Peter's biological father died before he was born.  Any information greatly appreciated.  Cheree Morozoff 04-12-2007.

ENGLUND / OLSON - Am doing some research on the families of Charles Englund and Mary/Ann C. Olson. Believe Charles was born in Sweden but not sure of place. Mary Anna C. Olson, daughter of Jens Olson/Caroline Eppeson was born 26 may 1867 in Denmark and died 23 Oct. 1935 in Foreston, Mille Lacs Co. Would dearly love to find information on the 2 families. All the children of Charles and Mary were born in Mille Lacs Co. Children listed are Annie, b 1883, Hulda b. 1887, Emma b. 1891. Mary Ann/a C. Olson Englund, divorced Charles and married Andrew Speeder, between 1891 and 1895 in Mille Lacs Co., Mn. She was divorced from Andrew by 1920. Her father Jens Olson was listed with her on the 1920 Mille Lacs census. Any information on Charles Englund, Mary Ann/a C. Olson, or the Olson family would be greatly appreciated. I am 20 minutes from the S.L.C. library and have done Swedish research since 1972. The gentleman I am researching for is my husband's brother-in-law. My paternal side of the family was from MN. Gd father was a street car conductor in Duluth and my GGrd mother died in Princeton at the age of 98. If I can help anyone here. Please let me know. Andrea Juricic 08-11-2001.

EYNON - I'd like to submit the information on my great grandfather William EYNON. He bought a store in Cove in 1900 with an accompanying large amount of timberland. Around 1910 he then bought a store in Onamia and lived there until his death in 1939. William married Mary WASHBURN in 1885 and had 3 daughters all born in Stewart, MN. They were Mary Inez (1886-1918), Edna Margaret (1887-1941) and Gladys Catherine (1890-1987). I'd appreciate any information you have on him. Marc Chambers 10-13-2000.

FLASCH - I am the granddaugher of Alvin & Audrey FLASCH. I would appreciate hearing from you if you know any of the following names that are within my family: John & Margariet Baumgartinger, Wm & Anna Keeler, Frances & Theresia Korn, Bernard & Mary Sanders, Joseph & Agnes Dusosky, Stanley & Magdalene Elgren, Leonard & Agnes Speckel, Martin & Mary Claire Scherman/Sherman, Frank & Anna Legat/Leggat, Dick & Bev Wodziak.    The FLASCH family originally settled in Winsted, McLeod Co., MN upon arrival from Hungary; some of the FLASCH sons lived in the Fingal, Barnes Co., ND area for a while. Denise Flasch-Rancour 6-9-2003.

FREDERICKSON - I am looking for info in Ben and Mabell (nee HANSEN) FREDERICKSON who lived in Isle in Mille Lacs County. According to my records, he was born in 1890 in Lakefield, MN and became a pharmacist; while she was born in St. Paul, MN and became a teacher. They had three children. Cathy Shields 07-16-2000.


GOSSON - I am searching for any one of the Stephen-Mary Gosson family.  She would be my husband's great aunt.  I am doing a search for Mary and Sarah's Parents, Charles and Catherine BLOOD. He died in 1904 , she died in Clontarf, MN January 29, 1942.  Kate had changed her name to TUSKE after her husband died.  Stephen and Mary (Julia) GOSSON lived in Mille Lacs Co., MN.  One of their sons was Francis GOSSON. Mary and Sarah were twins. Born Dec 9, 1888 in Winona, MN.  If you know of this family, I would like to converse with you.  you can contact me at Darlene Williams 12-26-2004.

GRAMER - I do have some research if people are searching, however, I do not live in Minnesota and cannot do lookups, etc.  Thank you.  Please e-mail me atSue Grise 07-29-2011.

HAMILTON - Would like contact with descendents of Henry HAMILTON.  Died in 1911 in Princeton.  Had several children born in both Massachusetts and Minnesota.  He was born in Massachusetts in 1823.  Civil War veteran.  Please e-mail me at Joyce Newton 02-17-2001.

HAMREN / NELSON - John HAMREN was a business man in the Bock area.  He came to America from Sweden in 1903.  (His name may have been Johansson there.)  His daughter, Emma Hamren NELSON was born 7 Feb. 1875 and died 12 July 1963.  (This query is for a friend, based on information she gave me.)  Carol-Jean Boevers 06-14-2001.

HEMINGER - I am looking for Cyrus D. HEMINGER's parents.  Cyrus was born in MN 1884 April 15, had a brother born after named Alvie.  Their mother was Elizabeth, father unknown.  Cyrus married Ella TENNISON 1905.  Children were Floyd b. 1904, Arlee b. 1906, Vernie b. 1908.  Second marriage to Rose Mae ATKINS b. 23 Sept 1901 in MN, m. about 1920.  Children were Chester b. 1921 Onamia, MN; Betty b. 1923 Onamia, MN; Allen Cyrus b. 1925 Missula, MT.  Shirley Brewer 02-06-2001.

HERTEL / HERTAL - Looking for Hettie HERTEL/HERTAL who lived in Princeton, MN with husband (?).  She was born in Benton Co., IA in May 1880.  Thanks,berland@Austin.rr.com 09-08-2005.

HERTEL / SPARRENBERGER - Looking for Hettie HERTEL/SPARRENBERGER b. 1880 in Benton County, IA.  Married (?) HERTLE.  Settled in possible Princeton and then Milaca,  Any info would be appreciated.  Brian  11-26-2005.

HOFFMAN - I am looking for info regarding my great uncle Ernest HOFFMAN that died about 1979 in Princeton, MN.  Birth date is about 1885-1900.  I would like to know if you could give me any info regarding where his burial is and/or obit info.  I do not have much info other than the dates.  Kathy Swisher 09-05-2007.

HORSTMAN - Looking for info on William HORSTMAN, who was a blacksmith in Princeton and was married to Clara PIEFER, they had 6 children, Frank, Louis, Ella, Agnes, LIllie and Fred. Fred had a grocery store in Princeton.  He was married to Mary Ellen CROHN, and they had 8 children, Robert, Warren, Marion, William, Lois, LeeAnn, Gary, Jerry. Please let me know if you have any info on any of these people. Thank you Pam Range Pam900@msn.com or rangers@santel.net  08-04-2002.

INGALLS - I am researching the INGALLS family (peter Riley Ingalls and his wife Eliza Quiner Ingalls).  I would like to know if they are both buried in Mille Lacs County or are they buried in Burnett County, Wisconsin where Peter's parents are buried?  According to some information Peter and Eliza died in Minnesota, but I can't find their deaths from the Minnesota Death Index.  I do need proof of their deaths.  I do hope you will be able to help me.  Bev McLaughlin 03-30-2005.

INMAN - Earl INMAN died November 23, 1991.  Believed to be a resident of Onamia.  I am looking for any information.  nkj@spacestar.net  01-02-10.

HURLEY, SNOW, STONE- George D. Hurley and his wife Melissa Margaret Stone Hurley moved to Mille Lacs County in Abt. 1903 from Jasper County, Indiana.  Their children, Charles Allen, Francis O., and Lawrence Conway Hurley travelled with them.  I am told that Melissa also lost a child while in transit.  My grandfather, Cecil Roscoe Hurley was born in Long Siding, 25 Feb 1904.  I am told that the house which stands at the edge of a farm field and wooded area just north of Long Siding on the east side of 169 is the home where my grandfather and his sister Dora Ellen Hurley (Fischer) was born in 1907.  The 1910 Census shows the family as renters and farming in Princeton Township.  The 1920 and 1930 Census shows the family in Bogus Brook Township , also renting and farming.  In addition, the family included these children:

Harvey Kenneth Hurley (1908-1969)
Geneva Dell Hurley (Jensen) (1909-1971)
Leona Bernice Hurley (1911-1970)
Loretta Merle Hurley (1913-1997)

I am looking for the possible location of the home they lived in Bogus Brook Township and any information you may have on this family.  There were other Stone and Snow relatives who also moved to the area at the same time.  Albert Snow and his wife Emilie Stone Snow both died in about 1918 and left 4 children.  One of those, Richard Snow (1917-1999) was given to the Hurley family where he remained until adulthood.  The other children went to other relatives, I assume.  Please let me know if you have any information about these families and if a trip to visit you would likely yield any information for me. B. J. Peterson 04-07-2009.

IRLAND - My great-grandparents are William E. and Mary A. (George) IRLAND.  This family moved to the Isle, Minnesota area about 1910.  Several family members continue to reside there today.  I have quite a lot of documented family information and many early family photographs.  Moreover, I am in contact with several IRLAND relatives still living in Mille Lacs County and elsewhere in Minnesota.  I will happily share information and photographs with anyone interested.  My Web site is at http://www.sabin-clary.comLynn Sabin 01-05-2003.

KAYTON - My grandmother and step-grandfather, Lyle and Lena (Brown or Sheilds) Kayton lived in Deerwood and then Onamia in the 60's. Her parents lived
nearby but we don't know their names, Charles and Mary BROWN or Walter and Lena SHEILDS, or something in between. Recs I do have list those names. They are said to have moved to MO. but isn't fact as yet. Would love to crack this dilemma and find out who our family was. Anyone with information please contact me at rbarror@earthlink.net  Thank you and happy hunting.  Randi 10-23-2002.

KELLEY - Researching the following family that lived in Princeton, Minnesota.  John Adams KELLEY (b Oct 1853) in Kennebec, Maine, died Dec 1901 in Princeton) who married Frances TRACY.  Believe they had child Louisa M. KELLEY who married 1877 Amos (or Amor) ANTHOINE.  John Adams also married Lucy BLONDELL.  Will share information.  Rita Kelley Louk 12-10-2001.

KENT / SCHEDIN - My Great Grandfather, Charles KENT, had a law office in Milaca between 1890 and 1900.  He met Christine SCHEDIN in Milaca.  Her family had a farm and many settled in the area. emmacrombie@astound.net 07-24-2004.

KNIFFIN - Searching for ancestry of KNIFFIN of Foreston, MN. Bernice Mae KNIFFIN b. 5/14/1911 in Foreston to Merit Sheridan KNIFFIN and Grace Mabel LIVENS. Carolyn Drews 11-09-2000.

LARSON - I am looking for my mother, Diane Marie LARSON.  I know that she lived in the Milaca/Princeton area and she married my father, Alfred TAYLOR at a very young age.  They divorced soon after and I never saw her again.  I am 28 years old and have not seen my mother since I was a few months old.  Anyone who has any information please contact me.  Gregg Taylor 10-15-2003.

LEVAGOOD - Samuel LEVAGOOD, born September 1834, New Dundee, Ontario, Canada.  Married to Margaret W. b. 1835 Bavaria.  Children: Jane b. 1863, Jacob b. 1866, Mancy b. 1867.  This record from the 1870 U.S. Federal Census for Greenwood, St. Clair County, Michigan.  Samuel died 9 Feb 1914 as recorded in the Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002.  Samuel was ny twice great uncle!  Ron Levagood 11-24-2008.

LEVIN - In 1900, a family by the name of LEVIN was living in Princeton, MN.  The head of the family was Isaac, his wife was Sarah.  They had eight children - David, Etta, Eva, Nathan, Moses, Jennie, Fannie and Leo.  Also living with them was Isaac's father, Henry (b. ca. 1844).  Isaac is listed as a "Notions peddlar", born 1861 in "Russia" (I believe that the family was from Lithuania, which was not independent at the time.  I also believe that the family was Jewish).  I am interested to know more about this family because I believe they are related to my great-grandfather Isadore Henry Levin, who (according to his obituary) lived in Princeton, MN before moving to Minneapolis.  I.H. Levin and his brothers ended up establishing Levin Brothers Furniture, a fairly well-known furniture wholesale company in the Mid-West.  (His other siblings were Sarah, the oldest, Jacob and Herman).  Any information that you may have on the Jewish community in general in Princeton at the turn of the century (I imagine it was relatively small) or specifically about the Levin family would be most welcome.  Thank you for your interest and assistance.  Edward Steiner 05-14-06.


LUECK - Was spelled Luck before coming to America in the early 1880s.  The LUECK family members settled in the Winona area first and later Mille Lacs Co.  The Lueck's married into the following families: DAUN, HEUER, KNOPP, POEPPEL, VIERUS, FRISH, DATZMAN, POLZINE, KLINGBEIL, DUKE, CARRIER, SCHWARTZ, LUNDGREN, KALLAS, VLAHAKIS, ZUBULAKE.  Would be very interested in making contact with members of these families.  My branch, the Kallas's, moved to California about 1931 and lost contact with these families in Minnesota.  Linda Crandell 06-14-2005.

MALCOLM - I am looking for any information regarding the MALCOLM family.  Earl MALCOLM was my paternal grandfather and Madeline DRESCHER was his mother.  I believe that there may still be family in the Mille Lacs County area, however have very little information.  Any information would be appreciated. Angela Gilmartin 03-26-06.

MATILDA - Looking for information about a family that might have settled in Princeton in 1884 when they emigrated from Sweden.  I have limited info on the family.  I don't know the parents name, only the children: Hanna, Alfred, Hulda(?), Swan/Swen, Enoch, Per and Ida MATILDA.  Ida MATILDA was born in 1878 in Sweden, where I do not know.  She moved from Minnesota and settled in North Dakota before 1904m where she married.  All this information was from Ida Matilda's grandchildren.  Any clues would help.  Anna Martinsson 11-09-2007.


MILTON - I am researching the Edward MILTON family in Minnesota and Maine.  One son moved to Milaca before 1890 - Edderean VanDine MILTON and his wife, Elmira Clemens CUNDY MILTON.  I am descended from Edderean's sister, Elizabeth.  I would appreciate hearing from anyone else researching this family.  Thanks for your help.  Mary Chamberlain 12/31/2001.

MOLLAN - I'm researching for relatives, friends of the E. E. MOLLAN family residing on a farm outside Milaca from 1895 to 1940.  Elesues MOLLAN and wife Barbro had 7 children.  Elesues also had a brother Elert MOLLAN & wife Marie in Minneapolis.  Any information is appreciated.  Trudy 11-16-2001.

MUDGETT - See Soule / Mudgett.

MUNSON - I am descended from Nels MUNSON, wife Alma BERGMAN.  Nels immigrated tothe US in 1884 (according to US Census 1900) and Alma in 1887 (same source). They were married in Isle, Mille Lacs County, in 1892. Nels was a farmer, and died in 1934 in Isle. His wife Alma died on 1 March 1965, according to an obit from the Mille Lacs newspaper, at the time living with one of her sons in Sheboygan Falls, WI. One of their sons, my grandfather, was Clarence Victor MUNSON, born 10 Feb 1896 in Isle. He married my grandmother, Arlene Helen NASH in Minneapolis in Dec 1920. Clarence died on 5 April 1942 near Orleans, California, while working on a bridge project. His wife Arlene died in 1972 in Valparaiso, FL. I am in the process of trying to get all the proper marriage certificates, birth & death certificates, etc. Are there any relatives out there? Anyone in Isle who might know which cemetery any of my ancestors are buried in, and/or willing to take photos of tombstones (I'm willing to send $$ to cover film, development, and postage!) And if any of you are looking for ancestors who were at any time located in Southern New Jersey, feel free to email me! (I live in Cape May.) Thanks... symitar@bellatlantic.net 02-14-2001.

MURRAY - I am seeking information on Daniel Henry MURRAY, born 23 Jul 1844 in Lancaster County, PA.  He lived also in Ohio.  He died in Princeton, MN to 1880.  He is buried at the Oak Knoll Cemetery in Princeton but all they have in the cemetery records is D.H. Murray 1880.  He was the father of Charles Milton Murray born 16 Nov 1874 in Princeton.  He lived mos of his live in his home on Green Lake.  He died 15 Aug 1960 in Princeton and is buried near his father.  I have no idea on anything going back further than this.  drdougm@yahoo.com 04-26-2008.

NELSON - I am trying to complete information on this NELSON family from Mille Lacs County.  The wife, Jennie, is a distant relative to me.  What is known is given below.  I don't have (the exact or the) death date for Emil or the son, Harry, nor do I have the cemetery where all three were presumably buried.  As you can see from the info below, he was Swedish and she was Norwegian.  There is the possibility that Jennie's mother and/or grandmother may have been living with them at the time of death, Mother was Ingeborg REINE (b. Nov 1838, d. 1919).  Grandmother was Anna MORKVE (b. Nov 1808, d. probably between 1901 and 1905, as she doesn't show on the 1905 census).  Emil NELSON was born in 1868 in SWEDEN.  He appeared on the census in 1905 in Bogus Brook Twp, Mille Lacs Co, MN.  He died in Milaca, MN.  He was a lumberjack.  He was married to Jennie (Henrietta) Amalie REINE (daughter of Hans Andreas Olson (Hognfjord) REINE and Ingeborg Knutsdtr. MORKVE) in 1902.  Jennie (Henrietta) Amalie REINE was born on March 2, 1873 in Vesterålen, Nwy.  She immigrated in 1875.  She appeared on the census in 1885 in Fertile Twp, Worth Co, IA.  She was confirmed in 1888 in Fertile Luth Ch, Worth Co, IA.  She died on September 1, 1938 in Milaca, MN.  Cancer  She was buried in Milaca, MN. (from notes by Marcella Nordseth)  Jennie Reane was born in Norway March 2, 1873, and came to the US in 1875.  In 1900, she moved to Bock (near Milaca, MN) from Worth County, Iowa.  She married Emil Nelson in 1902, and lived on a farm until 1929, when they moved to Milaca.  She had a son Harry, who died as a child.  She died 9-1-1938 of cancer. In the 1905 census, it states that Emil had lived in the town of Bogus Brook, Mille Lacs county for 7 years, Jenny for 4 years, and Harry for 2 years. Emil is listed as a lumber man and Jenny as a housewife. (R.135, p131b, L5,6,7)  (from remembrances by Dennis Tweed, July 14, 1991)  Jennie was very gullible.  She would believe anything she was told, and people enjoyed putting her on.  At the time she may have been termed "simple".  Her son, Harry, went to school in Milaca with cousin, Gilman Tweed, who was about the same age.  Emil NELSON and Jennie (Henrietta) Amalie REINE had the following child:   Harry E. NELSON was born in 1902 in MN.  He appeared on the census in 1905 in Bogus Brook Twp, Mille Lacs Co, MN.  He died about 1911.  Appendicitis.  Dick Flisrand 01-25-2001.

NELSON / NILSSON - I am looking for descendants of my grandmother's Uncle Nils Otto Nelson (NILSSON Swedish name). He was born 1871 in Norra Råda, Värmland,
Sweden. He emigrated to Minnesota 1893. They settled in Milaca, Mille Lacs County, and in the 1920 Census I have found the family in Bogus Brook, Mille Lacs County. He
was married to Christina Emilia born 1877 in Fernebo, Värmland, Sweden.  They had the following children, Esther Emilia b 1900, Ruben William b 1904, Roy Edward b 1906,
Nils Clarence b 1908, John Rudolf b 1914.  They also had two older sons
Egner H Nelson, he is married in 1920 Census, I can't make out his German wife’s name though, and
they lived in Bogus Brook too.  And Ernest Nelson, he lives in Borgholm, Mille Lacs Co. he is married to Alma and they have a daughter Irene not one year yet.
  I would be
very grateful if someone recognizes these people. Thanks for any information you might have. 
Inga-Lill Johansson Karlskoga 06-29-2000 (Updated 06-20-2005).

NELSON / NILSSON, ABSALON (ABSALEM in 1910 Census) is my wife's great uncle and we are looking for info about his wife's maiden name and marriage place and date, etc.  We would also like to contact any descendants.  I have his Norwegian genealogy back many generations and would be happy to share that info.  Snowden Roberts 03-09-06.


NIENHUIS - Egbert and Pietertje van Dam NIENHUIS are my great great grand parents. Egbert Jan Rosings NIENHUIS Birth: 3 OCT 1819 in Zuidlaren, Drenthe, Netherlands. Death: 12 JUN 1901 in Milo, Mille Lacs, Minnesota. Father: Jan Rosinge Roelofs NIENHUIS b: 16 APR 1780 in Odoorn, Drenthe, Netherlands. Mother: Janna Egberts SISSING b: 18 JUN 1790 in Zuidlaren, Drenthe, Netherlands. Marriage 1 - Geesjien KRIJTHE. Marriage 2 - Pietertje Hendriks VAN DAM b: 13 JUL 1836 in Haren, Groningen, Netherlands. Married: 7 MAY 1863 in Haren, Groningen, Netherlands. Cornelia Warner 07-11-2000.

NIJENHUIS - Janna Egberts NIJENHUIS b: 13 JUN 1864 Lammechien "Anna" "Lambertje" Egberts NIJENHUIS b: 27 NOV 1865 in Michigan. Hendrik Egberts NIJENHUIS b: 29 SEP 1867 in Stotsland, Michigan. Janna Egberts NIJENHUIS b: MAY 1873 in Michigan. Johannes Egberts NIJENHUIS b: 1875 Grietje Egberts NIJENHUIS b: 18 AUG 1877 in Orange City, Sioux, Iowa. Lammechien is my great grandmother. She m. Gerrit Jacob Oelsen's Fenenga. They settled in New Holland or Jobert (conflicting information) Dakota Territory and had 3 children, an unnamed infant who died at birth, my great aunt Gertrude and my grandfather, Lambert, better known as Bert. Looking for cousins to share genealogy with. Cornelia Warner 07-11-2000.

NISEN / NISSEN - I am searching for the family of my great-aunt Anna Lisa (NISEN or NISSEN) ANDERSON. She was born in 1871 daughter of Petter JOHANSSON and Maria JOHANSDR and died before 1963. After she came to America she married an ANDERSON and lived in Isle, Mille Lacs, MN. She and her husband had 4 children - William, John, Esther, Arthur. Source: a letter from Sigrid Nisen ABBANAT to her niece Charlotte Nisen KIBBIE dated 4-1985. Notes: "Aunt Anna and her family lived in Isle, Minn. They lived on a farm. .....She was a nice person." Source: Sigrid Nisen ABBANAT, niece. Anna in Ishpeming, Michigan in 1891. Perhaps died in Isle, Mille Lacs, Minnesota. Her children are not listed in order of birth. I am hoping these names and information sound familiar to someone and you'll contact me. Charlotte Nisen Kibbie 09-24-2000.

NORTON - Researching the following family: Albert Z. NORTON (b. 1837 in New York, died 1917 in Princeton, Minnesota) who married a Sarah Blake KELLEY (b. 1840 in Franklin Co. Maine, d. March 1919 in Princeton and is daughter of Joseph D. KELLEY and Katherine CUSHING).  Believe they had child: Olive I. NORTON about 1869 in Minnesota.  Will share information.  Contact Rita Kelley Louk at rlouk@valu-line.net. 12-10-2001.

OAKES / LOFQUIST / MATTER - Seeking info on OAKES of Isle/Isle Harbor after 1896 through 1940's, also LOFQUIST and MATTER.

43 Leon R Oakes, b 15 Apr 1866 New Richmond WI, d 31 Jan 1940 Isle MN, bur Isle MN
m 21 Sep 1893 in Barron County WI Sarah Middie Kirby, 21 Sep 1874 Tunnel City, Monroe County, WI, d 22 Mar 1947 Wayzata Mn, bur Isle MN.....removed to Mille Lacs (Waukon), MN
 Children of Sarah Kirby and Leon R Oakes:
 44 Lillian Oakes, b 1894/95, living in Cloquet MN 1973
 45 Grace E Oakes, b 13 Apr 1896, Cumberland WI, lived in Mpls MN 1973
twins:     46 Ethel Katie Oakes, b 1907/1907, d 30 dec 1918
              47 Louis Kirby Oakes, b 1907/98
twins:     48 Marion Ida Oakes, b 1909/10
             49 Mary E Oakes, b 1909/10
 50 George R Oakes, b 1912/13
 51 William L Oakes, b 1918
44 Lillian Oakes, b 1894/95, living in Cloquet MN 1973
m 05 Sep 1917 to G. B. Matter, b abt 1892, d 15 Nov 1956
 Children of G B Matter and Lillian Oakes:
 52 Charles Matter, b 1921, d Aug 1926
 53-57: Still living in 1973
45 Grace E Oakes, b 13 Apr 1896, Cumberland WI, lived in Mpls MN 1973
m 28 Jun 1922 Henry Lofquist, b 1892 Cumberland WI, d 24 Jun 1946
 Children of Grace Oakes & Henry Lofquist:  58-61:There were 4 living in 1973
Thank you, William P Hopkins, Citrus Springs FL

OLSON - See Englund / Olson.

- I am searching for information on Sigrid Olson, b. 1847 in Sweden, who came to Milaca in 1912 with son, Jonas Paulson.  Son, Olaf Nelson was already here, arriving in 1893.  Sigrid was widowed in Sweden.  I do not find her living with either son in census.  Olaf married Margaret Olson, whose father was Andrew.  Jonas married Violet Mattson, whose parents were Andrew and Margaret.  I would like the date and place of death for Sigrid Olson.  Also, an obituary, if possible.  Russell DiBenedetto  5-9-2012

OLSON - I am searching for information about my Great grandparents.  According to my father's uncles, the Knute Bergetangen OLSON family moved to Atwater, Minnesota in the spring of 1867 and lived there till the spring of 1876 when they moved on to Lac Qui Parle County, Minnesota.  When they sold their property , it was sold to the proposed Atwater Townsite, and I believe they lived on or very near to the Union Cemetery which I think is north of town.  The town hoped to expand to this point eventually.  There is a site in the northeast corner of the cemetery where some buildings once stood.  I am a great grandson, and would like information about this.  I researched records this past summer at Willmar, but went through the deeds, which may have been of the quit claim variety.  Any information I can receive would be of great value to me and much appreciated.  My address is at the following place:  Norman Shelsta  566 Park Avenue, in Ortonville, Minnesota 56278  My phone number is 1-320-839-3592  Thank you very much for anything in advance! 12-28-2001.

PACKARD - Researching the following families that lived in Princeton: Mary Cushing KELLEY (b. 1837 in Phillips, Maine, died 1914 in Princeton and daughter of Joseph KELLEY and Katherine CUSHING) who married Charles O. PACKARD (b. about 1835, d. 1882).  They had children: Rosa M. (unproven) (born about 1867); Katherin Isabel PACKARD (adopted and born 1872) who married a Fred LIBBY; and Luther H. PACKARD (b. about 1879 in Minnesota).  Mary Cushing KELLY also married a Franklin P. Libby (Libbey) about 1885.  The other family is Katherine Isabel PACKARD who married the Fred LIBBEY (b. 1861 in Princeton and died 1888 in Princeton and is the son of Franklin P. LIBBY and Ellen STURGIS).  They had children: Mark E., born 1890; Abbie (b. 1892) who married O.A. LATCHAN; Louise (b. 1897 d. 1955) who married Gordon ROBIDEAU; Eva Irene (b. 1900) who married Lynn Carver BRUCE; Sadie (born 1903) who married Daniel MURRAY; Flossie (b. 1903 d. 1992) who married Robert McMinn; Alice who married Harry NELSON; Clinton; and Charles (b. 1912) who married a Cleo JONES.  Contact Rita Kelley Louk at rlouk@valu-line.net 12-10-2001.

PASEUR - My name is Bonnie Kilgo Hay.  I live at Alamo, Crockett County, Tennessee.  I am researching my family.  I have come across an old address book that have name with address as Onamia, Minn.  I know they will or probably won't be in your genealogy but maybe you know or know someone that does know them.  The mother's name was Julene ?.  She married Bonnie Thurston PASEUR from Osceola, Arkansas while he was in service.  They had two daughters: Bonnie and Annette.  He was killed in a car accident in West Memphis, Arkansas.  Supposedly, they returned with their mother to this address.  I would like to try and locate the family.  I don't know the mothers' maiden name though.  Any info will be helpful and appreciated.  You may mail me at hhay@pchnet.com 11-17-2001.

PERRAULT - I am looking for any information regarding the family of Emma PERRAULT who died September 18, 1947 in Mille Lacs.  She was married to Theophilous PERRAULT and had at least 3 children, Leah, Victor John and Florence Mina.  Theo died in Beltrami in 1910.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  You can get in touch with me at  GrantDOG@ev1.net.  Thank you, Sandra Grant.

RAASCH / WEIERS - I am looking to contact family of Tony and Bernice WEIERS.  My Dad (Donald RAASCH) and Bernice were siblings.  I know I have a cousin involved with school district in the area.  My Mother Marylee DENEEN lived in Isle.  I have an aunt Doris REMER (Husband Hank) who live in Isle.  Would appreciate any information.  Shirley Howell 04-12-2002.

REDDICK - Brothers Erastus and Oliver Reddick settled in Mille Lacs County about 1880 . Eventually they purchased land in (i) township 47N, range 27W,  (ii) township 45N, range 26W, and (iii) township 46N, range 26W, always on section 22. It is said that there is a Reddick Creek in the area and there is a 'Milo' township but it's location is unknown and there is no evidence that that has anything to do with their brother Milo. Two sisters took up a land claim there in the 1880's but within a short time moved to Aitken and operated a dress shop. Erastus and Oliver, both bachelors, later retired in Aitken and are buried there.  These Reddicks were born in Marlborough township, Carleton county, Ontario, the children of James Reddick who was born in County Derry, Ireland. Over time, eight of his family of fourteen children lived in, or near, Aitken. As well, their mother, Matilda (Goldie) Reddick, left Ontario after James' death, died in Aitken in 1911 and is buried there with Erastus and Oliver in Lakeview Cemetery. James is buried at North Gower township, adjacent to Marlborough township. Lee Bartley 12-21-2000.

OMAN / ROSEEN - I am looking for information on Anders Andersson ROMAN and his wife Ingeborg (Jennie) ERIKSSON.  Jennie: died January 22, 1913, in Milaca, Mille Lacs County, MN, at age 58.  She ran a boarding house in Milaca.  Nothing is known of Anders after he came to Minnesota in 1882.  Did he die in Mille Lacs County?  Their children were Ingeborg Emelia ROMAN, Selma ROMAN, Arvid Harvey ROMAN, Esther ROMAN, Edith E. ROMAN, Alfred E. ROMAN, and a son I have not been able to find anything about, Anard (Einer) W. ROMAN.  Several of these children ended up living in the Duluth area.  Their daughter Ingeborg Emelia ROMAN married San ROSEEN in Princeton, March 26, 1895.  They lived in Bock before moving to St. Louis County.  Janet Roseen 04-10-2002.


SCHUTTE - My GGG Grandfather, Dirk Schutte, died in Pease, MN (spelled Peace?) In 1916, and is apparently buried there. His daughter Hilda (b. 11/30/1873) immigrated from Amsterdam. She married John (Nymand Jan) Van Mill in 1890 and lived for many years in Iowa. Hilda and John had two sons who survived, one of which is my grandmother's father. I'm looking for Hilda's family (three brothers and one sister), or lineage beyond Dirk to Holland, as I've run into dead ends. Thanks very much. Suzanne Stenson O'Brien 09-14-2000.


SCHRAUTH - Edward SCHRAUTH died February 9, 1992 in Mille Lacs Co.  Ivy SCHRAUTH died September 10, 1969 in  Mille Lacs County.  I am looking for any information.  nkj@spacestar.net  01-02-10.

SCOTT - Edward Warren Scott m. Emma Chase, d. of Daniel and Mary Chase, 9 Dec. 1874, Crystal Twp., Hancock Co. IA.  Soon after the marriage they departed for MN.  Emma died (supposedly) 27 Feb 1879 in MN.  An E.W. Scott is found in Greenbush, Mille Lac Co. in the 1880 census with Byron age 13 (may be a brother) and Ada age 2.  I would like to find confirmation of Emma's death and Ada's birth. Emma was only age 19 when she died.  The Scott family left Hancock Co. IA under less than auspicious conditions, according to a county history.  Anyone with knowledge of this particular family, I would love to share information.  I have all information on Emma's siblings and her parents and grandparents.  Joanne Gonsalves 06-02-2002.

SHURTE - My grandfather George P. SHURTE came to Milaca about 1890 and owned / farmed 80 acres in County Sections 23 and 24, located on both sides of the Rum River about a mile north of town.  His wife Martha died about 1904-1906 after giving birth to Bertha, Ora, Stanley (my father) and Alta.  They all left Milaca by the mid-1920s but I would be most grateful for any further information about their time there.  Dick Shurte  06-29-2011.

SMITH - I'm looking for information on Moses SMITH, his wife Mary SMITH, his son William James SMITH, who left New Brunswick Canada for Mille Lacs, Minnesota around 1900.  Could you give me some direction on how to secure information on their deaths, burials, and anything else that might be available.  They were Roman Catholics.  Thanks for your help.  Dave  12-2-2001.

SOULE / MUDGETT - I am looking for two related families, records of birth, death, cemeteries and historical resources (possibly state histories) for these families: Benjamin F. SOULE and his wife Phebe M. SOULE (born about 1820 in Maine).  His mother Sarah Soule (may have migrated with him too), all children he had, I think Benjamin is one.  Soule's Landing/Crossing and Princeton, he had hotel and lumber mills.   Isaiah MUDGETT born 1839in Maine, son of Samuel and Hannah Mudgett who I believe migrated with Isaiah so they may be buried in Minnesota too, his wife and children they had.  I know one son was Isaiah and was married to Daisy.  I believe Princeton and Mudgett Township might be where to look.  Isaiah and Benjamin are first cousins.  Any assistance is appreciated.  Elaine M. Hohenstein 10-26-07.


STANLEY - Hi, I am descended from Andrew John STANLEY and Zillah HATCHER who settled first in St. Peter, MN and after the civil war they came to Princeton, MN.  He is my gggrandfather.  My lineage goes: Andrew John Stanley>Ambrose Stanley>Lester Stanley>Carl Stanley>Patricia Stanley (that's me).  My STANLEY and HATCHER ancestors were among the first who settled in Princeton.  Patricia Beer 11-04-2001.

STROMBERG - My grandmother (Rose Constance STROMBERG) was born on Oct. 13, 1905 in Bogus Brook township to Carl August STROMBERG and Christine LIDMAN.  Carl was born in 1866 and Christine was born in 1873.  Both Carl & Christine were born in Sweden, according to my grandmother's birth certificate.  Carl was a farmer and Christine was a housewife.  On my grandmother's birth certificate, the family address reads: Rt. 2, Milaca, MN, and that a Mrs. Anderson was in attendance at her birth.  The certificate says that the Strombergs resided at Rt. 2, Milaca, MN as of 1902.  Other children born into the family were Mabel, Nell, Gladys, Roland, and Henry. Christine LIDMAN last lived in Lyndale, MN and is buried at the Lewis Cemetery in Maple Plain, MN.  I am very interested in any information about this family, particulary which town in Sweden my relatives were from, what church they attended in or near Milaca, and where Carl August STROMBERG is buried.  Chris Lindemer 04-22-2001.

SUCKOW - I am seeking information and obituaries on a Frederick SUCKOW married to 2nd wife Olga OLSON.  Seeking information on family members.  Came to Minnisota around 1898.  Gwen 05-11-2003.

SWAM - I am looking for information on Dennis John SWAM, son of John SWAM and Elizabeth DENNY.  I believe he lived in Milaca in 1921.  I have these dates for him, but I don't know if they are correct, 24 Aug 1859-Oct 11 1944.  He may be buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Milaca, Mille Lacs, Minnesota.  He married Barbara Elizabeth BUECKNER (1867-12 Sep 1944 also buried in Forest Hill)  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Heather Shepard 04-26-2003.

THAYER - Denzil Wright THAYER b. 1885-1957, his wife Pearl Alice SCOTT b.c 1888-1954, and her mother Julia A. SCOTT all died in Mille Lacs County. Am looking for their daughter Miriam born about 1908 in Minnesota.  Since they all lived in Anoka Mn during the 1920 and 1930 Censuses, I wonder if perhaps they moved to Mille Lacs County to be with their daughter, and all died there.  My connection is the WRIGHT family, mother of Denzil W. Thayer.  Betty F. Clifton 10-08-03.

VAN RISSEGHEM - This family came to the Onamia area in 1910 and descendants still live there.  Mary (Van Risseghem) Bleecher 02-21-2004.

WAGNER - I'm searching for information on Theodore Alfred WAGNER.  He died in Mille Lacs County on August 16, 1958.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Jo Mandl 08-25-2007.

WALLACE - I'm looking for info on the family of William Allen & Mary Gross Wallace. They lived in South Harbor, near the Indian Reservation, as early as 1894. I've found them on the 1900 & 1910 census.  10 children were born there, before a fire destroyed there home. Losing all they had, they moved the family on to Battle Ground, Clark Co. Wash.  There first child was suppose to be the first white child born in the area.  Of the 10 by 11 Jun 1900, 1 had been born & died. the other 2 between then & the census on 2 May 1910.

We have:
*1 Joseph Allen Apr 1894
2 Oren Roger 22 Jun 1897
3 Mary Elizabeth 19 Feb 1899
*4 Mannie probably Robert William 1901
5 Verna Catherine 23 Mar 1903
*6 Ermina Dec 1905
7 Marjorie Lucy 16 Dec 1810.
I would like to find the dates for those 3's births, deaths & where the are buried, if possible. Also dates of births for those we don't have any for.  Mary's 67 yr. old father was living with them in 1900, we have yet to find where & when he died. His name was Peter J. Gross born Apr 1833, in Germany.  Is there any way to find the answer to are questions?  There are several of us that would very much appreciate any help we can get.  Thank you for you time.  Lois Wallace 01-30-06.

WATSON - Seeking descendants of the Martin John WATSON and Florence HODGDEN family.  Martin John WATSON b. 1896 d. 1986 and buried in Mille Lacs County at Wahkon.  Florence b. 18897 d. 1955.  Their children were Ben WATSON and George WATSON.  Wish to share genealogical information and photos.  Dan Replogle 03-21-04.


WIGSTROM - My grandfather was born in Borgholm Township about 1908 to Emma and Carl (Charles) WIGSTROM who resided there at the time.  They has five children before Emma died of tuberculosis in 1912.  Janet Schmidt 02-21-02.


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